Traveler Value Index 2022 Outlook

Ecco i dieci trend per il 2022 presentati da Expedia nel suo report annuale.

 1. Most people will travel in the next six months — and frequent,quick trips are trending. 81% plan to take at least one vacation with family and friends in the next six months.

2. People will invest more intravel comparedto pre-COVID-19. More than half (54%) of respondents say they plan to spend more on tripsthan they did prior to the pandemic.

3. Travelers will use loyaltypoints accumulated during the pandemicto help fund trips. 40% people plan touse loyalty points for at leastpart of a trip in 2022

4. International travelwill start to make a comeback. While most travelers (71%) plan to use their own car or a rental car foran upcoming trip, more than half (55%) say an airplane is their preferred mode of travel. With flights continuing to regain popularity and borders reopening to visitors, international travel will begin to rebound.

5. Great deals and flexibility will remain toppriorities for travelers. The ability tothe ability tobook travel for a reasonable price and makechanges to trip itineraries is an absolute mustin the eyes of travelers.

6. People will travel more responsibly and consciously. Almost all (93%) people say they will adapt travel plans because of current lack ofworkers in the tourism industry, and 98% are taking into consideration the impact ofCOVID-19 on local communities.

7. Sustainabletrips will rise in popularity. A growing number of travelers are looking to minimizeimpact to the environment — even when doing sorequires extra investment.

8.There will be a surgein travel for personal wellness. Following the last two years, there is undoubtedly a heightened focus on traveling for personal wellbeing,and it seems trips will have a healing effectfor many

9. Workers will usepersonal days for travellike never before. The pandemic caused many to reflect on what they value most, especially since many adults have had toadjust to working from home and juggling their personal and professional lives.

10.Travel companies must continuously adapt toremain competitivein uncertain times. The future of travel certainly looks brighter than itdid this time last year, as people across the globeplan to travel more, increase their investment in trips,and adapt to industry challenges. But that meanstravel companies must adapt, too, and prepare forfluctuations in demand for the foreseeable future.

Ci concentreremo in futuro sul punto 8 grazie ai dati provenienti dal global wellness summit 2022.



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