Global and Regional Response Rates


The data provided below is covering the period between July 1st, 2020 until July 31st, 2022. The term “Response Rates” in this article is the percentage of responses to reviews for the specified period of time. If more detailed statistics are required, please reach out to your Key Account Manager.


The graph below visualizes trends of the Response Rate over time (beige color), as well as the volume of reviews over the same period of time (blue color behind).

Fluctuations of the response rate were observed, with the rate swinging from its peak of 49% in March 2021 to its lowest of 35% in July 2022. The trends may be related to the hotels’ seasonality and changes in COVID restrictions, which affect the hoteliers’ workloads as well as the volume of incoming reviews. This is very evident in the statistics in August 2021 when the highest number of reviews corresponds to one of the lowest response rates observed (37%).


Looking at the most popular review sites that TrustYou crawls, we have seen significant differences in response rate. Throughout the analyzed period, hotels were responding most to the reviews coming from Ctrip (88%, overall 2.6 million reviews), followed by (85%, 2.9 million reviews) and TrustYou Survey (68%, 8.4 million reviews). The sources with the lowest response rates were (37%, 80 million reviews), Google (33%, 63 million reviews), and Agoda (29%, 1.6 million reviews).


Looking at the most recent data (H1 2022), the top 3 highest and lowest response rate sources remain the same, simply rotating rank. The highest response rate is for reviews from (88%, 423k reviews), Ctrip (84%, 461k reviews), and TrustYou Survey (69%, 3 million reviews). The lowest response rate is for reviews from Google (35%, 17 million reviews), (35%, 25 million reviews), and Agoda (27%, 759k reviews).



At TrustYou, one way of segmenting incoming reviews is by star rating. This means that the reviews are segmented into 5 categories from 1 to 5, where 1 star (in a score range of 0-100) corresponds to 1-20 (in a score range of 1-100), 2 stars equals 21-40, etc. Looking at the data based on this segmentation, the highest response rate was recorded for the reviews with the highest scores (44% of these reviews were responded to). The second is reviews with 2 stars (21-40 points). At TrustYou, we suggest responding to all reviews to the best of your ability. If your capacity does not allow, we advise responding to all negative reviews and address the raised issues. Then follow up with responding to the high scoring reviews to show that each review matters and is read, despite the fact that they often do not contain any actionable feedback. If you would like to learn more about how to utilize the TrustYou platform and spot the most relevant reviews to respond to, reach out to your Account Manager for additional materials.

Reviewing data for 2022, the trends remain the same with slight changes in the response rate to 2 stars reviews (by 1%, from 41% to 40%).

The data further will provide information about different regions throughout the world, with additional details on the first half of 2022. This could serve as a great benchmark for your hotel’s performance.



The response rate in Europe had similar tendencies to the global trends. The highest response rate was reached in March 2021 (in Europe it was 41% while globally it was 49%), and the lowest response rate so far was spotted in July 2022 (in Europe it was 28% while globally 35%).


Checking the data by source, the most responded sources differ from the global data. In Europe, looking at the first half of 2022, the top 3 most responded sources are TrustYou Survey (61%, 1.5 million reviews), TripAdvisor (56%, 1.2 million reviews), and (48%, 650k reviews). The lowest response rates are (31%, 16 million reviews), Google (30%, 6.7 million reviews), and Agoda (11%, 71k reviews).



In Asian countries, the response rate trends were less dynamic compared to the global numbers and European countries. The highest response rate in the two year period was in May 2021, reaching a level of 55% (the response rate globally at this time was 46%) and the lowest response rate was in July 2020 and was 43% (the global rate was 37%). It’s interesting to see that even though Asia also recorded a sudden surge of incoming reviews, it did not significantly affect the response rate (it only dropped by 6%, while on a global scale the surge of incoming reviews affected the response rate by 12%).

Analyzing response rate by source, the Asian market brings two major Asia specific sources into consideration. The highest response rate is crawled from (a whopping 88% and 420k reviews collected), Ctrip (84% and 460k reviews), and TrustYou survey (78% and 870k reviews). The lowest response rates are from (44% and 2.9 million reviews), Google (41% and 5.4 million reviews), and Agoda (30% and 620k reviews).




The response rate tendencies during the period of July 2020 - July 2022 are the closest to the trends in Asia, as there were no sudden spikes in the response rate observed. The highest response rate was recorded in February 2022 and was 56 % (the highest response rate detected globally was only 49%). The lowest response rate was in June 2020 and was 37% (same as global rate). There were no sudden or unexpected changes in the review volume, though the market shows consistent growth over the last two years.



Looking at the data based on a source, the trends remain very similar to the European market. The top 3 most responded sources are TrustYou Survey (87%, 46k reviews), TripAdvisor (75%, 136k reviews), and (57%, 10k reviews). The lowest response rates are linked to Google (51%, 500k reviews), (45%, 400k reviews), and Agoda (22%, 4.5k reviews).


North America

Response rate trends in North America are also pretty stable, varying from the highest response rate of 51% in February 2021 to the lowest of 41% in July 2021. Even though the volume of reviews spiked in the summer of 2021, the response rate stayed very flat.


In the North American travelers market, we see that the most responded to reviews sources are TripAdvisor (65%, 730k reviews collected) and (61%, 1 million reviews). The lowest response rate is observed for Google (39% and 3.6 million reviews) and Agoda (with only 6% and 44k reviews collected).


South America

In South American countries, the observed response rate is ~10% lower than in the North American market. The highest response rate was in June 2021 at 41% (in North America the highest response rate was 51%). The lowest response rate was observed in July 2022 and was 31% (the lowest response rate in North America was 41%). The review volume also spiked half a year later than North American countries - the increase was observed in the winter of 2022 while the former saw the surge in summer 2021.



Looking at the most relevant sources in South America, we saw that the most responded to source remains (as in most markets) - TrustYou Survey (76% and 216k reviews collected) and TripAdvisor (65% and 108k reviews). The lowest response rates are associated with the sources (32% and 1.6 million reviews) and Google (29% and 950k reviews).



While the review volume seems to be very active over the course of 2 years in Oceania, the response rate remained pretty steady. The highest response rate was observed in May 2021 at 53% (at that time, the global rate was 46%), and the lowest rate was in July 2022 at 42% (the global rate is again lower, at 35%).



When analyzing response rate by a source, we observed that the most responded to sources were TrustYou Survey (78%, 135k reviews collected), followed by TripAdvisor (63%, 42k reviews), and (57%, 25k reviews). The lowest response rates were associated with (43%, 780k reviews), Google (38%, 204k reviews), and Agoda (21%, 14k reviews).



Response rates in Japan have been steadily increasing since the beginning of the analyzed period. Starting with the lowest response rate in July 2020 (33%, globally it was 37%) and finishing with the highest response rate in June 2022 (48%, while a global rate is only 35%).

When analyzing the response rate by source in the Japanese market, we see that the most responded to sources were TrustYou Surveys (81% with 200k reviews collected), (43% with 380k reviews), and (40% with 56k reviews). The lowest response rates were recorded for Expedia (35%, 49k reviews), Agoda (35%, 93k reviews), and Google (22%, 520k reviews).

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