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Cleanliness, sanitization, safety - these have been the recent buzzwords not only in travel andCleanliness, sanitization, safety - these have been the recent buzzwords not only in travel andhospitality, but in all areas of business. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit global regions,priorities have drastically shifted in both professional and personal environments. When it comes tohospitality, cleanliness standards represent the key features that now have the power to either makeor break a hotel business.The cleanliness and safety standards adopted by hospitality spread across a wide range ofmeasures, certifications, and strategies, all of them valid and certainly necessary. However, in orderto make the best decisions for your business, it’s important to know what the industry standardsare, how other businesses are dealing with the crisis, and what are the best options available on themarket.In this comprehensive guide, we put together an insightful overview of the current context andrelevance of the cleanliness and sanitation standards, the initiatives already implemented by bigindustry players, as well an in-depth analysis of the exclusive TrustYou Cleanliness badge.

Global context and relevanceGlobal context and relevanceThe hospitality industry was quick to address the rising need for cleanliness and safety standardsand businesses around the globe have adhered to both external, government measures and internal,self-imposed ones.Our market research uncovered a series of stringent new rules that hotel managers and staff areadopting around the world, changes that will likely make a positive impact on the guest experienceand help prevent the spread of the virus during travels. It is currently unclear what type of life-spanthese measures will have in the end, but once set in place, they have the potential to shape the newtravel experience for a few years to come.We wanted to get a deeper insight into how our clients are dealing with the current crisis and whattype of cleanliness standards they are adhering to; as a result, we conducted a primary market andcustomer research which generated a high number of insightful answers.Here are a few of the hospitality trends that are currently popular among businesses:

● More emphasis on online services: check-in, check-out, chats, orders, etc

.● Clear alignment with cleanliness standards by governmental regulations and internationalprotocol

● Implementation of various incentives and offers (free cancellations, discount for extendedstays, travel vouchers, rebooking deals, complementary nights, etc.)

● QR codes implementation

● Focus on contactless communications throughout the entire guest stay

● Frequent disinfection sessions

● Full digitalization of check-in and check-out procedures

● The constant maintenance of social distancing rules

● Contingency plan developed in conjunction with local authorities

● In-house doctor at all times

● Submitting for and promoting cleanliness certifications and badges

How will hotels change in the context of the pandemic?

Personnel adjustments

- Appointment of cleanliness manager who will develop, implement, and update a cleanliness plan,train staff, and ensure that any hygiene related questions are immediately addressed

- Front-desk agents will be equipped with face masks and gloves

- Physical barriers between guests and employees will be implemented

Cleanliness standards

- Sanitized arrivals (guests and employees will be screened for temperature checks)

- Touch-free hand sanitizer will be provided in different areas of the hotel

- Increased usage of technology-driven cleaning tools and health monitoringHuman-to-human contact limitation

- Implementation of apps for contactless arrival and departure

- Emphasis on contactless communication tools

- Room service via apps

- Safe distancing enforced in all areas of the hotel Property reorganization

- Reconsideration of amenities (organize one-time-use toiletries)

- Elimination of in-room services

- Declutter (removal of furniture in public places in order to encourage social distancing)

The TrustYou Cleanliness Badge

trusted cleanliness 2021

The TrustYou Cleanliness BadgeAt TrustYou, we were quick to acknowledge the rising need for safety and cleanliness and wewanted to support the hospitality industry with an efficient marketing tool that would help themensure trust and win back guests. This is why we developed the Trusted Cleanliness Badge,available for hotel businesses around the world as an easy and visually-appealing way of displayinga positive and highly important hotel trait right on the hotel website.As with the majority of hotel marketing efforts, it’s important to note that modern travelers prefersummarized content throughout their booking journey, which helps them get a clear impression ofthe hotel’s overall image in a quick and efficient way. While cleanliness and hygiene are crucial topicsin the light of the coronavirus outbreak, trying to prove your compliance in those categories shouldbe done in a condensed, easily-digestible, and highly effective manner.

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